About Me!

This is where you will get to know a bit about me!

My name is Megan Louise and I’m 18 years old from the West Midlands (UK). I was born on April 15th which makes me an Aries (zodiac sign). I quite like being an Aries I’m not sure why though.

I have always had a passion for blogging as I have had a blog before however, I wanted to start a fresh for personal reasons which I may share in the near future. I have had this blog since December 2016 and I posted my first post near the end of 2016. I started posting once a week ever since August 2017. I’m hoping to pursue my blogging dream. I hope my blog inspires others and they were there blogging journey too.

My blog is going to be a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog and hopefully, in the future, I may find the courage to create a YouTube channel, you never know! I’m going to try to post every week, I’m a bit short me blog post ideas usually so if you have any please let me know. This year I’m going to post posts that are out of my comfort zone. This includes topics such as education, mental health and many more.

I have recently been picked as a MyBump2Baby favourite blogger!! 


If you ever need a chat or just someone to talk to you can also get in touch with me on twitter and instagram. Doesn’t matter what it’s about my DM’s are always open so please feel free.

Twitter: Everythingmegsx         Instagram: Everythingmegsx