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Meet the Blogger With Me: Zoë

Hey, It's Wednesday so here is another meet the blogger post. I have 5 left after this one. it's been a crazy ride, I've loved doing this so I may d something similar soon, if you have any suggestions let me know. Here we have Zoë from the blog Let's get started... 1. Introduce yourself, Why… Continue reading Meet the Blogger With Me: Zoë

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Testing The XO Balm

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another blog post, feels like forever since I've written a post but here I am. I am sharing my experience with the XO Balm. I was browsing the bloggers wanted hashtag on Twitter. I found the XO Balm and I was instantly intrigued as it's for dry and sensitive skin… Continue reading Testing The XO Balm

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Electric or Standard Toothbrush?! Ft- Anatomicals

Hey all,  Today I have a bit of a different post for you all. After seeing Eden's blog post reviewing an electric toothbrush I'll link it here. I wanted to do a post comparing and electric toothbrush and a standard one. The electric one I have been using is the Oral B one. I brought it about… Continue reading Electric or Standard Toothbrush?! Ft- Anatomicals

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Review- L’Oreal True Match Foundation & Concealer!?

Hey you lovely people! I hope you are all well, I have chosen to do a product review today as I haven't done one in a while so it is long over due. The L'Oreal true match range as been raved about on so every social media platform and most of them are purely positive,… Continue reading Review- L’Oreal True Match Foundation & Concealer!?

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What’s In My Summer Makeup Bag?!

Hey you beautiful people!! My beauty posts seem to be the most popular posts on my blog so I thought i'd do a whats in my Summer makeup bag. I don't think I've done a what's in my makeup bag for like 6+ months so it's been long overdue. Hope you enjoy this post, leave… Continue reading What’s In My Summer Makeup Bag?!

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My Current Makeup Routine

Hello & Welcome to Everythingmeganx I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and you've had an amazing week. If you are currently sitting exams I hope they are going really well, keep working hard and good luck. Today I'm bringing you a blog post I've never done on my blog which as you… Continue reading My Current Makeup Routine