Deleting this blog

Deleting this blog... Hello everyone, I’m not sure who will be reading this as I haven’t posted on here for the longest time and I actually regret that so much! This blog has helped me a lot especially with my confidence, I can now talk to people and make friends that I didn’t think I’ll… Continue reading Deleting this blog


Top 3 Makeup Faves

Happy Monday! Welcome to another new post. Anyway today's post is going to be about my top 3 makeup favorites because I have uploaded a makeup post on here for so long. There will be pictures and links to each product throughout the post. I hope you enjoy it and lets get started. Colour theory… Continue reading Top 3 Makeup Faves


What I want out of 2019!?

I have been away for sometime now and I keep saying I will be back with consistent blog posts and I never stick to it. However, this year I mean it. I'm not sure what my schedule will be but I'll let you all know via twitter. Find me here: everythingmegsx .  2018 has been a… Continue reading What I want out of 2019!?

Beauty&Skin Care

Meet the Blogger With Me: Zoë

Hey, It's Wednesday so here is another meet the blogger post. I have 5 left after this one. it's been a crazy ride, I've loved doing this so I may d something similar soon, if you have any suggestions let me know. Here we have Zoë from the blog theblondeblog.co.uk. Let's get started... 1. Introduce yourself, Why… Continue reading Meet the Blogger With Me: Zoë

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Day in the life of A Distant Learner!

Hey everyone! I'm just going to get on with the post instead of doing a long and boring introduction which isn't needed so here we go!  My day usually starts about 6-6:30 am as I do have a full time job well kind of, I've dropped 12 hours at work so I'm not doing 28… Continue reading Day in the life of A Distant Learner!