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Meet the Blogger With Me: Zoë

It’s Wednesday so here is another meet the blogger post. I have 5 left after this one. it’s been a crazy ride, I’ve loved doing this so I may d something similar soon, if you have any suggestions let me know. Here we have Zoë from the blog Let’s get started…
1. Introduce yourself, Why did you start blogging?
Hello! My name is Zoë and I started blogging in January 2017. I started my blog after being inspired by so many other bloggers and instagrammers that I had read over the years. I’d been thinking about blogging for a while and finally took the plunge. I loved having an outlet to showcase my interests and thoughts and also using it as a way to support small businesses and local events by exposing them to a new audience.
profile picture
2. How did you come up with your blog name?
I had the username ‘The Blonde’ on quite a few websites so I already felt at home with that identity. In my first post I referred to my then boyfriend as ‘The Canadian’ and I felt as though those two names summed us up! The Blonde Blog does what it says on the tin!
3. What struggles do you face as a blogger?
The main struggle is fitting blogging in around working full time. As much as I’m passionate about my blog it takes a lot more time to write a blog post than people can expect and fitting that into evenings and weekends – especially when there are lots of events/meets can be tricky. It’s also part of the fun though!
4.How do you stand out from other bloggers?
I think every blogger stands out by being themselves. As much as it can be difficult not to compare yourself to others I think it’s important to focus on what makes you unique and to set your own goals and dreams. Everyone who follows your blog or instagram or twitter does so for a reason and that reason is you!
5. What are you favorite blogging tools & Why?
I love UNUM for helping me to plan out my instagram posts, Hootsuite is great for scheduling tweets and I also love Lightroom for photo editing.
Jack wills
6. How do you cope with numbers and the competitive blogging community?
I used to get quite hung up on the numbers when I first started blogging but with changes in algorithms and follow/unfollow apps etc I think everyone has noticed their follower numbers gaining and falling daily. It’s lovely to hit those milestone follower numbers but the important thing is the engagement with your followers and accounts that you love – that’s where you build meaningful relationships and where social media is amazing in making new friends!
7. Whats your favorite blogging memory? 
My favourite memory is the day I had an email out of the blue about a collaboration with Jack Wills. I’m a huge fan of their clothes and it was such a dream to work with them styling their gorgeous clothes. 
8. What is your most read post?
My most read and commented on post is ‘Blonde Wanderlust And My Top Five Tips For Stunning Santorini’ I think everyone has a love affair with Santorini and it truly is such a stunning place – I’ve had lots of questions about my trip, recommendations for sights and where to stay and comments on how beautiful my photographs are. It’s not difficult to take gorgeous pictures with such a beautiful backdrop!
That’s Zoe’s take on my meet the blogger questions. I love the photography on Zoe’s blog it’s stunning. I would highly recommend the blonde blog to anyone. Please head over and check it out, it would be highly appreciated on my behalf and on Zoe’s behalf.  As usually I’ll leave her blog and twitter linked down below. 
Zoe’s Links
I will see you all again Sunday..

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