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Day in the life of A Distant Learner!

Hey everyone!

I’m just going to get on with the post instead of doing a long and boring introduction which isn’t needed so here we go! 

My day usually starts about 6-6:30 am as I do have a full time job well kind of, I’ve dropped 12 hours at work so I’m not doing 28 instead of 40 but some weeks I will do 32 depending on staff numbers. This week I am doing 32 hours, it’s currently Sunday the 14th October and normally I’ll have Monday’s off. Due to a Room Leader (I work in a Nursery) being off I’m working. 

As soon as I wake up I will either get out of bed and brush my teeth straight away or go on my phone first, usually it alternates between the two which is first and second but I do them both before I get changed. You know my morning routine and it’s up on my blog if you want to view it Click Here

So I’m going to skip to lunch at work, I will have sandwiches or something quick and easy because we only get 50 minuets which flies by. In this time I will talk to my boyfriend, look on social media, reply to anyone who has texted me such as group chats and family. I will also do a bit of reading for my university course as I’m a distant leaner which you would have gathered from the title. 

Now it’s Monday 15th October 2018. I have been to work today even though I won’t usually, I worked 8am-5pm today. This means I got home at 5:50. As soon as I got in my food was already done for me by my Mom (No, I’m not American) and it was fish fingers and chips. At 6:30 I went upstairs and turned on my Laptop to take part in my very first University lecture at 7pm with the Open University. This lasted an hour and a half. I had a cup of tea with me in a thermal cup which is the Zoella Lifestyle one from 2 years ago I think and a packet of oven baked crips. 

After this is finished at 8:30pm, I put all my university resources away so things such as books, pens, planners and so on. Then I’ll jump in the bath or the shower depending on what I wanted that night. This night I decided to go for a bath. I spent an hour pampering myself, washing and drying my hair and so on. By the time I had a bath got out and dried my hair it was 9:30pm. I use these products shown below for my hair, I will be doing a review soon. I went downstairs to make another cup of tea and then went on facetime to my boyfriend for an hour just having a catch up for an hour. 

Then it was time for Bed, ready for work the next day… 

Thank you so much for reading this post, It’s a bit different to what I normally post but I really enjoyed it. Don’t forget to like, comment and share, it will mean the world. I will be back soon with another post!






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